Fort Myers Personal Injury FAQ

Fort Myers Personal Injury FAQ

Here is a list of questions and answers regarding personal injury.


When someone is physically hurt, it’s called a personal injury. An injury to a person’s body as opposed to damage to their possessions is classified as a personal injury. Property damage may also constitute a personal injury, but there must also be physical harm.

A speedy settlement might be reached in a matter of months, whereas a lengthy civil trial including appeals might take years. The following are some variables that affect how long it takes to settle a case: degree of injury. Minor injury cases usually get resolved faster, usually in a few months.

Although it might vary, Florida personal injury attorneys usually charge between 33% and 40% of the money they are able to recover. This is because the percentages of contingency fees that are permitted in Florida are outlined in Rule 4-1.5 of the Florida Bar.


If an automobile accident results in a significant injury or death, personal accident insurance will pay out. You may also be covered if you are rendered completely and irreversibly handicapped. Policies for personal injury insurance often pay a set sum of money for particular types of injuries.

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