Back Pain After Car Accident

Back Pain After Car Accident

Back Pain After Car Accident

Back pain after a car accident is quite common, especially among those involved in serious auto accidents. In one study, conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it was found out that 55% of car accident victims experienced back pain during the recovery phase. This comes as a surprise, since most people do not associate back pain after an accident with being at fault.

Another study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration revealed that 56% of car accident victims experienced spinal cord injuries, which are serious and can cause long-term disability. Another survey found that 35% of car accident victims suffered facet joint pain, while 18% experienced sacroiliac pain. Sacroiliac refers to the muscle that runs along the outside of the spine, while sacroiliac is a term used to describe the joint on the back of the hips. Both of these joints are important in preventing the movement of the back.

When Does Back Pain After A Car Accident Occur

Back pain after a crash occurs when there is a loss of motion at the site of the injury, and this can result in nerve damage and inflammation. There are a variety of reasons why a person might experience back pain after a crash. It could be caused by spinal injury, a fracture, or even nerve damage from an accident. When the spinal cord is damaged, the signals that move the nerves are interrupted and the flow of communication between the brain and the spinal cord is compromised.

Many of the car accident symptoms that come with numbness and tingling are due to nerve damage. For instance, if a person has nerve damage and/or inflammation near the area of the injury, they may experience tingling, throbbing, and delayed back pain after an accident. If there is nerve damage at the top of the neck and spine, the person may experience neck stiffness, fatigue, and even difficulty breathing after an accident.

Another reason why people experience such numbness and pain after a crash is because they get some injuries on their bodies during the crash. Some of these injuries can include a broken bone, cuts, or other injuries to the body. These types of injuries can make it difficult for the person to move their arms or legs after the crash, which can cause pain. If you are suffering from a serious injury, you may also need physical therapy to get back your mobility.

In addition, people who have a herniated disc can also experience serious pain after an accident. Herniated discs occur when the gel-like tissue that cushions a disc bulges out, causing intense pressure and pain in the affected area. This type of injury can be caused by an impact to the spine, and it can be very serious if not treated immediately. Your herniated disc may need to be surgically removed, which can be a very painful and complicated process. If you do not get the surgery you need to relieve your herniated disc, the pain and numbness that come along with it will keep you from leading a normal life.

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